Om man jämför så....!   
Från Evolution Computings hemsida har vi hämtat Bengt Cyréns inlägg i diskussionen om FastCAD versus AutoCAD:

My limited CAD experience:
First time I tried CAD was a number of years ago when I needed to draw some electrical diagrams. I hadn't bought my own program back then, but rather wanted to try things out first. I used ACAD10 on a 20 MHz 386SX with VGA and a math-processor. I was quite happy with everything, except the price (unacceptable!!) and the fact that it was a DOS program with the printer and video driver problems it brings with it.

After a while I wanted some nice laser prints (with line width controls) so I moved the job to ACAD12 LT for Windows (still quite expensive) on a 66 MHz 486DX with 24 MB RAM. This machine has 25x the performance of the 386SX but the software was no faster! I then realized that something had gone terribly wrong with AutoCAD development.

Then I grabbed this CAD advertisement from the Swedish dealer Cad One Sweden AB and explained the problem to this guy Alf Gruvö.
He laughed and said he had the perfect program for me; EasyCAD for Win16. It was faster than AutoCAD and also less expensive than AutoSketch.
I evaluated the program and was stunned by the difference. It was not only incredible fast on the 486DX but it even was useful on the 386SX with 1.6 MB RAM running Windows!!
Further, when zooming in, circles remained circular (rather than ACAD12's ugly hexagons) and when you did a zoom extents, it zoomed out a little more than the true extents. And no uggly flies on the screen after the cursor. This clearly was something I was prepared to pay for, and of course I bought the program.

When I later realized Evolution moved the development focus from DOS to FCW32 I took the upgrade offer partly because I wanted line widths and partly because I thought multiple views sounded like a useful thing. I also had some problems with EMF exports from ECW16.
Hadn't it been for the advertisement from the Swedish dealer I still wouldn't know about FastCAD. I mean, a search for "CAD" on the Internet won't be very useful, right?

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